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New Life : The Legs

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New Life : The Legs ( Subliminal Audios )

This is a legendary pack of subliminal Audios, It comes with 5 Subliminal Audios only targeted to your legs .

New Life series focuses on absolute healing of body parts .

The pack contains listed Subliminals :

  1. Leg Bones & Joints :This audio helps in absolute healing and strengthening of your leg Bones and joints . Helps you recover any Bone fracture or any knee joint related diseases faster . It makes your leg bones stronger, This is absolutely amazing audio .
  2. Leg(Muscles_Tendon_Ligaments) Healing & Strengthing : This makes your leg muscles, tendons and Ligaments healthy and stronger. Tendons are important they make your muscles attached to bones together. Heals All leg muscles faster , heal leg day muscles tear .
  3. Leg Muscles Toner : With the help of this get perfectly toned leg muscles, healthy , strong and toned at same times . It helps in losing extra leg fat as well .Very beneficial for women as well . Anybody can use it by the way , it depends what you desire .
  4. Muscular Legs : Absolutely Amazing audio to have a automatic leg day , this works on massive leg muscles growth, it transform leg fat into leg muscles. Transfer Nutrition into legs to increase muscles growth speed .
  5. Power Of the Legs : This Subliminal Audio highly focuses on overall leg strength, it makes legs stronger, Increase strength, be able to walk and run easily at any age .
    Note : Always buy the original high-quality subliminal from my Gumroad store only . Avoid scammers and exchangers. Exchangers may give you fake subliminal or fields
    This audio is safe for legal buyer and will work for them and for their family members.

None of these statements have been analyzed by the FDA,but as such, none are these are designed to diagnose or offer medical advice. The listeners are presented with information that they maychoose to use or not. As usual, always consult your General Practitioner or

Hospital if you need urgent treatment or advice. This may fall under a class I type of device or a general health benefit app or program.

As per FDA guidelines they do not intend to regulate medical or biological information. This digital audio product exist as a presentation of information to you and will never diagnose any of your conditions.

Listen with headphones for faster results. Listen as much required.

When you will be in your old age you will thank me for this absolute genius Project 😌.

Thank you , I bless you ..

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New Life : The Legs

0 ratings
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